Digital Signage


Ok, we’ve created a wonderful radio for your stores. Now, what about starting to use your TV-screens in a better, much better way? With videoMOOD™ by Tailoradio you can manage contents with just one click and you even forget about the dedicated media player: it's installed directly on any display's SOC.



Discover a brand new ease in managing In Store videos.
A content driven and cloud based platform, available for any operating systems: LG webOS, Samsung Tizen, Nec Raspberry, Philips Android, Linux, Windows and BrightSign.
AllDSplay compatibility allows to install videoMOOD directly on the operating system (SOC) of any display, without having to connect a dedicated player.
videoMOOD, a step forward in Digital Signage Systems!

What is VideoMOOD?
Automatic Timeline scheduler with an immediate and effective drag and drop content uploading, easy multiscreen synchronization and grouping, full API integrations with MAG cams for contextual contents, audio systems, Interactions.

Key features:
Video templates, designed for every visual communication need. Smart management of monitors, various video formats, store areas and artwalls.
Fully customizable interface, connected monitors' geolocation, devices' remote status monitoring and live screenshots.
Multilingual creative team for audiovisual productions, online dashboard and multilingual 24/7 help desk!

How does it work?
Enjoy the demo video


Production Quality

Our video division (OneVision) is solely dedicated to 2D and 3D productions, with unattainable standards when it comes to price and speed. As usual, we don’t use freelancers or external companies.


The top software and hardware standards, a 24/7 dedicated help desk, a net of installers and maintenance all over the Italian territory.


Full disclosure: thanks to the integration of audio and video we can guarantee lower management costs compared to the two separate services. So you can gain a more efficient marketing tool, saving money.